What is happiness for me?

Everybody always wants to be happy. All parents wish their children to be happy and lucky. Children, in their turn, want to see their parents happy and even when you congratulate someone you always say, “I   wish you happiness”.  Some people consider themselves to be happy when they earn a lot of money, others feel that they are happy with their family or good friends. Some people are happy to own a luxurious real estate. For me, happiness is my family, my friends, and relatives when I feel that I love them and they love me, when they are all healthy and smile to me. Many people say that their happiness depends on other people. I partly agree with this opinion because when my close friends or family members are upset about something, I consider their problems to be mine as well. There is a saying “Money makes a rainy day sunny”. I partly agree about this saying because real happiness can’t be bought with money. I think that real happiness is based on mutual love that exists among the people whom I love.  I am strongly against the opinion that money can buy happiness. Yes, you can do something with money which will make your beloved person happy but money itself can’t make them happy. Finally, to summarize my opinion about happiness, I’d like to say that it is a state of mind; if you want to be happy, you will be. You don’t have to associate this state of mind with anything else.