Рассказ «Антиквар»

Когда она поскользнулась на схваченной гололедом плитке возле универсама (так Анна Вячеславовна по старой памяти называла ближайший супермаркет), какой-то добрый человек отвез ее на своей машине в ближайший травмопункт. Там определили растяжение связок и велели ногу не нагружать, делать компрессы и мазать специальной мазью. Мазь оказалась дорогущая, да еще из травмопункта до дома пришлось добираться на такси, которое ей любезно заказали в регистратуре. Такси стоило немыслимых денег.

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Educational trip to Arates

Last week we went on an educational trip to Arates for three days. It wasn’t our first visit to  Arates. We have been there many times, but this time Arates was more beautiful and more picturesque. Arates greeted us with a heavy snowfall. It was like a winter fairy tale. All the mountains, fields and trees were in white untouched snow.  

As you know, Arates is in Vayots Dzor province. We have already spoken about the village and everything related to Arates. “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educational Complex has opened a school in nature here. Our students of different age groups with their teachers come here to spend three days full of joy. I especially like to come here in summer and in winter. In summer we swim in the mountainous river, go on hiking, and in winter we go skiing and sledging on the snowy slopes. I should admit that sledging down the slopes is a real fun. Last weekend we did it both in the afternoon and even in the evening because the slopes there were illuminated.