Lake Sevan

When tourists come to Armenia they are certainly taken to Lake Sevan. Lake Sevan is the second largest lake in the world among the lakes at the altitude of more than 1900 meters above the sea level. It has fresh water.

Many years ago the level of the lake was so high that it had an island, but during the Soviet Union hydroelectric power stations were built on the River Hrazdan, and more water was released from the lake. In the result of this, the island became a peninsula. There is a monastery on the peninsula. They say that the oldest cross-stones are kept in the yard of the monastery.   To irrigate Ararat Valley, every year more and more water is released from the lake. The level of Lake Sevan is decreasing, and the water in it is getting swampy. Without Lake Sevan, the territory of Armenia would become a desert. We should think about the problem of Sevan and give a solution to it.
 The summers in Armenia are very hot, especially in Yerevan. So people of Armenia like to spend their weekends on the shore of the lake. They swim and sunbathe here. But we should be very careful not to get sunburnt.

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