About Weekend

Today is Sunday. I usually wake up very late but today I woke up very early. Today I am going to meet my friend whom I haven’t seen for already 2 months. I had a shower, washed my face, combed my hair, set my makeup and put on my clothes. We met and made a decision to go to the cinema. We bought tickets and they told us that the next film would start 1 hour later. We decided to go to the cafe and drink a cup of coffee with a piece of biscuit. We talked about everything. Finally, it was time to go and find our seats. When the film started we didn’t speak a word because the film was very interesting. Then we went shopping. I chose some clothes for me and went to the fitting room. All the clothes suited me and I bought them. We didn’t know how quickly 4 hours passed. We walked 3 miles and said goodbye to each other. On the way home I met a poor beggar. She asked me for money. I take my money out of my pocket and gave it to her. In return for that, she blessed me and left. So I had a very interesting day.