Setting the table

Conversation English 02

I will help you. Put the plates, knives, spoons, forks and napkins on the table.
Is your boyfriend Harold eating with us?
No, Harold is in Oxford.
Harold’s bank has an office in Oxford.

A knife, a fork, a spoon.
Is the table set?
Yes, Agatha.
Sit down please. Dinner is ready
Are you having dinner now?
Of course, dear.
What are we having?
We are having chicken soup and salad. Do you like chicken soup Elena?
Put the napkins on the table, Victor.
Oh, sorry. Here they are.
Victor always forgets everything.
It is a bit early for me. I am not really hungry.
It’s all a bit strange for me.
My dear, you must be exhausted. You may go to bed.
Good night Elena. Sleep well, dear.
My darling brother, what are you talking about?

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