My favourite food

My favourite food is cake,specialty chocolate cake.In my opinion it’s amazing for diferent reasons, you can chose any flavor, you can do it whatever you want. First of all, that are lots of tipes of cake. Its just depends on you. Cakes can be made whith any fruit.
Next, you can cook it anyway. you’d like to have a healthy cake you can eat a integral one.

Or if you don’t can eat a big chocolate cake whith loads of chocolate cover. You can choose the flavor, the dressing and the cover. And you can mix it too, like a carrot cake with chocolate filling.
Finnaly you can choose any size you want. If you’re eating it alone, a small cake is a good idea, but if you’re doing a cake for you hole family. It’s better a big one. And you can choose the shape of it. If you want a square, circle, sometimes you can find a heart cake pan, it’s good for valentine’s day. This is why i love making and eating cakes.

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